The Chronicles of Phandalin

The Secret of the Jade Frog, Pt. II

Season 1, Episode 4


The party defeated Johnny Five-Knives and the Redbrands at the Sleeping Giant Tap room. Returning to the center of town, you see Sildar Hallwinter and Townmaster Harben Wester arguing about the actions of the party. After Salazaar convinced Townmaster Wester to not run you out of town, you retreated to the Stonehill Inn to rest and recuperate. Little did our intrepid adventurers know, Johnny Five-Knives reported back to Glasstaff, and Glasstaff orders his minions into town to take the party captive.

At sundown, Glasstaff and the Redbrands, supported by four bugbears, walked to the front of the Stonehill Inn. Demanding your surrender, Sildar drew his sword and attempted to negotiate. Glasstaff blasted him with a magic missile and sent Harben into the inn to convince you to surrender. After a failed attempt by Milo to escape out the back door the party elected to surrender to the Redbrands.

You’re taken to their hideout blindfolded. With your blindfolds removed, you see Iarno Albrek, Nilsa and Nars Dendar (family of Thel Dendar, murdered by Johnny). Talking with Iarno, you explained what happened at the Cragmaw Hideout, Gundren’s status, and this mysterious Black Spider. Then, Borg and two of the bugbears drag Iarno from the cells to be interrogated further. Milo and Theran manage to bust the party out of their cells, and you begin to explore the basement of the manor house. You are ambushed by a Nothic (a horrific one-eyed monster that was a wizard long ago). After defeating the Nothic, you turn to see the Redbrands and Johnny Five-Knives rushing out of a room to attack you.

What awaits our daring adventurers?


JonathanBreese JonathanBreese

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