The Chronicles of Phandalin

Assault on Cragmaw Castle

drowranger.jpgAs our heroes approached Cragmaw Castle they knew they were being watched, but they had no idea by who. When they arrived at the castle, they discovered a small orc army, lead by a half-ogre and Johnny Five-Knives, marching south towards Phandalin. As the heroes debated whether to rescue Gundren or alert Phandalin, wood elves stepped from the forest to confront the players.

When the players made it clear they weren’t with the orcs, the elves stated they were tracking orcs patrols and it led them to this castle. Suspicious cloaked figures had been seen leaving the castle the day before. They have scouted the castle, and offered to help them assault the castle. The heroes asked if there was any way the elves could warn Phandalin, andTheodas Duskbough agreed to send his daughter, Eloen Brightwind to alert the the town. Sildar Hallwinter provided her with a token to prove she was to be trusted.

The players entered into the Castle through a side entrance, while Balthazaar and Kendal Vinehall scaled a rubble pile to snipe the goblins. An all out brawl was happening between the goblin cooks in the dining hall, while a disheveled bugbear trying to breakup said brawl. Balthazaar shifted on the rubble pile sending a cascade of rubble down into the kitchen alerting them to their presence.

The Salazar, Issac, and Milo stormed into the room trading blows with goblins as the snipers peppered their enemies with arrows. The melee shifted against them when bugbear mercenaries arrived to reinforce the cooks.

As the bugbears barreled through the players ranks, a vile Grick wrapped itself around Salazar. The melee ensued with a bugbear falling in a hail of blows and Salazar finishing off the Grick, That’s when two Drow walking into the room. The Dark Elves immediately attacked the players. Tarlyn batehed the room in magical darkness, while the dark elf warlock, Brizza Charmed Salazar and ordering him to protect her from his allies.
After a brief combat, Brizza is knocked out by Issac, and Tarlyn picks her up and retreats unlock a mysterious door. As the heroes pursue the Drow, they are ambushed by a terrifying Owlbear.

The Harrowing of Thundertree
Here there be Dragons... and Orcs


Our intrepid heroes easily dispatched the Redbrands in the tombs of Transendar Manor. Pursuing Johnny, Borg and the bugbears deeper into tombs, the heroes find Iarno chained to the wall. They discover their enemies have escaped.

As they search Glasstaff’s laboratory, they discover an ancient Dwarven tome that describing the Phandelver Pact. This ancient alliance between Dwarves, humans, and gnomes created the Spell Forge. Their alliance fell under the assault of orcs and goblins, and the Spell Forge was lost to living memory.

The heroes also found a letter to “Vyrith” from the Black Spider written in Undercommon. After Iarno translated the letter, the players learned the Black Spider was at Cragmaw Keep where he had tortured the location of Wave Echo Cave out of Gundren Rockseeker. Could Wave Echo cave hold the Spell Forge? What does the Black Spider intend with the Spell Forge?

The heroes returned to Phandalin to rest and recuperate. The local townspeople had never heard of Cragmaw Keep or Wave Echo Cave. Luckily Milo’s aunt, Queline Alderleaf, suggested speaking to the wise, druid Reidoth in Thundertree. The heroes set out across the plains, skirting the edge of the Neverwinter Wood, to Thundertree.

There they were ambushed by zombies and tomb spiders. They almost perished, but Reidoth rescued the heroes and treated their wounds at his cabin. Reidoth agreed to guide the players to Cragmaw Keep if they helped him drive a green dragon out of Thundertree. In Thundertree’s ruined keep they found Venomfang and her eggs. The heroes were offered half her treasure in exchange for driving Orcs out of Wyvern Tor.

The heroes agreed and traveled up the river to Wyvern Tor where they found the Half-Tusk tribe inhabiting an abandoned Dwarven village. Salazar strode forward and challenged their chief to a duel, and struck Bruhgor Axebiter down. The Half-Tusks’ will broken, they left the ruins and the players then used a magical stone to contact Venomfang.

Returning to Thundertree, they found that Venomfang had kept her word and there laid half of her treasure horde of thousands of gold pieces and ornate weapons. Now it’s time to rescue Gundren from Cragmaw Keep.

The Secret of the Jade Frog, Pt. II
Season 1, Episode 4


The party defeated Johnny Five-Knives and the Redbrands at the Sleeping Giant Tap room. Returning to the center of town, you see Sildar Hallwinter and Townmaster Harben Wester arguing about the actions of the party. After Salazaar convinced Townmaster Wester to not run you out of town, you retreated to the Stonehill Inn to rest and recuperate. Little did our intrepid adventurers know, Johnny Five-Knives reported back to Glasstaff, and Glasstaff orders his minions into town to take the party captive.

At sundown, Glasstaff and the Redbrands, supported by four bugbears, walked to the front of the Stonehill Inn. Demanding your surrender, Sildar drew his sword and attempted to negotiate. Glasstaff blasted him with a magic missile and sent Harben into the inn to convince you to surrender. After a failed attempt by Milo to escape out the back door the party elected to surrender to the Redbrands.

You’re taken to their hideout blindfolded. With your blindfolds removed, you see Iarno Albrek, Nilsa and Nars Dendar (family of Thel Dendar, murdered by Johnny). Talking with Iarno, you explained what happened at the Cragmaw Hideout, Gundren’s status, and this mysterious Black Spider. Then, Borg and two of the bugbears drag Iarno from the cells to be interrogated further. Milo and Theran manage to bust the party out of their cells, and you begin to explore the basement of the manor house. You are ambushed by a Nothic (a horrific one-eyed monster that was a wizard long ago). After defeating the Nothic, you turn to see the Redbrands and Johnny Five-Knives rushing out of a room to attack you.

What awaits our daring adventurers?


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